I often participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays, hosted by Tammy’s Recipes.  This page is the compilation of those posts, as well as other home tips I have posted.

How to make sure you use up your eggs

Old Socks become Cleaning Rags

Peeling Tomatoes

Tips for Eating Healthfully at Work

Reusing Oil for Deep Frying

Freezing Mushrooms

Keep Low-Calorie Drinks Handy

Doing Laundry without Breaking the Bank or Back

How I [Easily] Put More Vegetables in my Diet

How I Organized my Coupons

Best and Easiest Fried Eggs

Staying Home Means Spending Less

Spices in a Small Kitchen


2 Responses to Tips

  1. Izabela says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    thank you for all your tips. they are very creative. well done!

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