Saturday Upsides: Fun things about having a food blog

Welcome to another week of Saturday Upsides!  You can check out this page for Saturday upsides from previous weeks.  Please join me this and every weekend to share a positive story from your life!


When I’m having a “down” day food-wise, it’s hard to remember why I have a food blog!  Sometimes it seems like I’m not even good at making basic foods.

Peanut Butter Pie

Other days, though, I am able to completely enjoy cooking from the recipes on my own blog.  It’s fun to keep track of good times (and sometimes bad…), sunny days, and good-looking-muffins. 🙂

Cornmeal Pancakes and Strawberry Syrup

I think taking the time to share my food online is totally worth it.  It’s awesome to read the sweet comments you guys leave, and see my “likes” gradually grow on Facebook. 🙂

Meatloaf Muffins

So if you’re thinking about starting a blog, you should.  The upsides out-way the downsides!  Yes, there will be moments when you post something you think is awesome and no one seems to care.  But there are plenty of great moments to cancel those out. 🙂


So now it’s your turn!  Just post your “Saturday Upside” on your blog with my “Saturday Upsides” picture and a link back here, comment on my blog with a link to your post, and I’ll add a link to your blog at the bottom of mine.

Everyone’s posts will be different; please use this “Saturday Upsides” post to share your own unique thoughts, picture/s, and bright sides!  I’d love to see posts all weekend, not just Saturday.


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4. You could be here!


About recipeshappen

I'm Bonnie. I'm a pharmacy technician and new wife to Bogdan. I love cooking, usually without recipes. I love good sales and coupons, but haven't quite figured out the best way to find them. I make the typical new-wife mistakes and have burned my share of cookies. I like a cold house and a hot shower all year long.
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10 Responses to Saturday Upsides: Fun things about having a food blog

  1. Katie says:

    WOW! I can’t believe your Facebook page has almost 850 likes! Well, I guess I can believe it since I’m one of them. 😉
    Seriously though, what is your secret?

    • Honestly, every since about 600 I’m NOT SURE what the secret is. 🙂 Before that, it was begging some of my friends (around 100 I think like my page), some free facebook advertising credit (that got me probably 100 likes), and a couple giveaways. 🙂
      Also, a few nice people with bigger blogs/followings have linked to me occasionally – like my sister,
      I think, maybe, that right now I am getting a lot more search engine traffic and that’s where all my “likes” are coming from. 🙂

  2. Leah says:

    Even those of us who cook professionally have bad days sometimes. I am a cafeteria cook, and I always watch to see how much comes back on my kids’ plates to see how well they liked the meal! I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I try to learn from them.

  3. I have a love/less love relationship with food blogging, where sometimes I just want to stop blogging and just enjoy cooking and eating without having to set up a shot or presentation. But it’s great to look back and reminisce. The support online is wonderful- and well-deserved in your case!!

    I’m back with the upsides this week and have one to share if you don’t mind:

    Thanks and hope you have a happy Saturday! 🙂

  4. Hi Bonnie! I’ve missed your Saturday Upsides and I’m so glad you are back! Love your blog and your inspiration to try new things in the kitchen and even embrace “recipes that didn’t happen” as learning experiences! Here is my upsides post:

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  6. I’m glad these are back too! And I’m sure we all appreciate your honesty, we all have flops and successes, in every area!! :>
    Here’s my post:

  7. Do love the idea of your meatloaf muffins! I’ve never had those before. Will have to search out a muffin tray. And quick!

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