Saturday Upsides: Work that pays off

Welcome to another week of Saturday Upsides!  Don’t forget to check out this page for Saturday upsides from previous weeks.  Please join me this and every weekend to share a positive story from your life!


I love doing things around the house that give immediate gratification.  Sometimes, even with those little jobs, though, it’s hard to get motivated!  So tonight I decided that I would share the fun outcomes of a few not-as-fun jobs!  Or, you might call it the upside to the work. 🙂

fresh pineappleI got this at Aldi for 99 cents last week!  We love fresh pineapple, but I don’t enjoy the process of cutting them.


fresh cut pineapple

All done! 🙂

clean kitchen _ dishes washedHaving the dishes washed and all put away is a good feeling.

clean fridgeI washed out all the shelves and drawers in the refrigerator tonight.  I love how it looks!

more white pizza wedgesBonus picture: Some white pizza wedges I made for lunch. Mmmm!

This is also my 200th blog post!

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So now it’s your turn!  Just post your “Saturday Upside” on your blog with my “Saturday Upsides” picture and a link back here, comment on my blog with a link to your post, and I’ll add a link to your blog at the bottom of mine.

Everyone’s posts will be different; please use this “Saturday Upsides” post to share your own unique thoughts, picture/s, and bright sides!  I’d love to see posts all weekend, not just Saturday.


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About recipeshappen

I'm Bonnie. I'm a pharmacy technician and new wife to Bogdan. I love cooking, usually without recipes. I love good sales and coupons, but haven't quite figured out the best way to find them. I make the typical new-wife mistakes and have burned my share of cookies. I like a cold house and a hot shower all year long.
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16 Responses to Saturday Upsides: Work that pays off

  1. Cleaning the fridge out may be my least favorite thing to do, but once it’s done its amazing how much better I feel afterwards. Suddenly there’s so much space! lol.

    Here’s my upside!

    Thanks Bonnie and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Make something with that pineapple! 🙂

  2. tjthiessen says:

    Well, I missed last week because the flu took over and I gave up! Back “at it” this week, and enjoying sharing a new recipe for cookies with you! Thanks Bonnie!

  3. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    Hello Bonnie,
    Here is my delayed Upside. Sorry, It has been crazy in my life lately. I hope you’re doing well 🙂

    • Thanks so much for joining me again! You sound quite busy. I am doing well, and it’s always great to hear from you! ❤

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

        It is my pleasure Bonnie, thank you 🙂 I love doing The Upsides when I can because it really helps me reflect on the positive things in my life. Thank you for what you have started, it is wonderful! xo Éva

      • You’re so welcome!
        I love when you share comments on my posts OR post yourself because YOU are such a positive person… or at least that is DEFINITELY how you come across online! 🙂

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

        Thank you Bonnie!

        I TRY to be as positive as possible BUT I am far from it all the time. Things can grind on you but I try to make the best of it. Some days are easier than others, but that is life isn’t it?
        Thank you for stopping by and your positive feedback. I can’t wait to be posting regularly again.
        xo Éva

      • You’re welcome! 🙂

  4. Jayne says:

    I know. I hate washing the bathrooms and basically doing clean ups of any kind. Don’t even mention ironing. BUT when I do get them done, I feel like a heavy stone has been lifted off my chest and I can breathe again. I feel light and really really happy. That ought to be the best motivation in the world to do stuff one hates.

  5. becky says:

    Reading your Saturday Upsides always makes my Saturday feel much better since I work on Saturdays 🙂 Thanks so much. Here’s my upside:

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