Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Indoor Grills

I am excited to be a guest host for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays this week!  If you are unfamiliar with Kitchen Tip Tuesdays, please click here to see Tammy’s past posts and links!

Please post your kitchen tips on your blog, along with the Kitchen Tip Tuesday banner, and link back to this post.  Leave me a comment with your post’s link so I can add your link to the bottom of this post.

Pictured: French Onion Grilled Cheese

My husband and don’t have the ability to have/use an outdoor grill at our apartment, so our indoor Panini grill has gotten a lot of use!  While I know that my indoor grilling is no comparison to “real” grilling, I want to share some of the tips/tricks we have learned for anyone else who is in the same boat as we are!

The first time I made grilled chicken on my indoor grill, I thought I should have it turned up all the way.  The result was very burned chicken before the inside was completely cooked!

There are three things that I regularly use my indoor grill for:

1. Grilled cheese

2. BBQ chicken breasts

3. Hamburgers

I love making grilled cheese on an indoor grill rather than on a griddle, but I take two precautions:
– Don’t put the cheese all the way to the edge of the sandwiches (or you’ll have a mess on your hands!)
– Start the grill at a high temperature to heat it, and then reduce the heat to medium to grill

Pictured: White Pizza Wedges and the Best BBQ Chicken

When I make BBQ chicken breasts, I slice the chicken breasts in half horizontally so they are only half as thick.  Like with grilled cheese, I heat the grill at a high temperature, but then reduce it to medium to grill the chicken.

Hamburgers are slightly different on the indoor grill.  I cook them at a high temperature the entire time.

I can’t wait to read your kitchen tips tonight through tomorrow!  Just leave me a comment with a link to your post!

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8 Responses to Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Indoor Grills

  1. My tip for Tuesday is: Never be afraid to try something new or to tweek a recipe; sometimes it fails, but sometimes it’s GREAT!

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks for your indoor grilling tips. I am a fair weather griller, so this is indoor grilling season for me. I have never made grilled cheese on the grill. I’ll have to try that one.

    Thanks for hosting for Tammy. Today I would like to share tips for successfully roasting vegetables.

  3. I love the indoor grill!! Year round grilling fun.

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks for hosting this week! My tip is for what to do with old, freezer-burned hotdog buns.

  5. Thanks for hosting! I wrote tips about storing cookie dough in the freezer:

  6. Hmm, we won an indoor grill a number of years ago and never used it. May have to see if I can hunt it up!

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