Homemade Beef Egg Rolls

I’ve been itching to make some egg rolls ever since my mom gave me some cabbage from their garden!  However, while egg rolls are oh-so-delicious, they do take a little while to make: preparing the filling, “stuffing” them, frying, and cleaning up afterward including straining the fryer oil.

The last time we were shopping, I finally decided that I was going to make egg rolls this week and bought some wrappers.  I’m really glad I did. (And so is my husband!)

Beef Egg Rolls

Filling Ingredients:

(You don’t have to be exact with any of these measurements!  Also, make as much as you want for as many egg rolls as you want; egg rolls are great leftovers, in my opinion!)

– ground beef (well, technically I used ground chuck)

– chopped cabbage

– shredded/grated carrot/s

– chopped onion

– garlic or granulated garlic

– salt and pepper

– soy sauce (just a little)


In a large skillet brown ground beef with salt, pepper, soy sauce, and onion.  When it’s almost completely done, add the carrots and cabbage and cook until tender.  Since I used ground chuck, I didn’t have to drain the grease from the meat.  If you use ground beef, you will probably need to drain the meat before adding the other vegetables.

You can let it cool before stuffing your egg rolls, or use the filling immediately.  After you stuff the egg rolls, fry them (two or three at a time) at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple minutes, or until lightly browned.

My older sister Tammy also recently talked about egg rolls on her blog, but hers are a little different.  You should check them out!


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I'm Bonnie. I'm a pharmacy technician and new wife to Bogdan. I love cooking, usually without recipes. I love good sales and coupons, but haven't quite figured out the best way to find them. I make the typical new-wife mistakes and have burned my share of cookies. I like a cold house and a hot shower all year long.
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33 Responses to Homemade Beef Egg Rolls

  1. I love you blog! And I loved this post your egg rolls look amazing! I have a head of cabbage in the fridge… My boyfreind loves egg rolls so this week I’m going to make egg rolls! Thanks

  2. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    They look really good. I have never made them from scratch before but you make it look easy 😉

    • Aw, I’m glad. 🙂 I hope you can try them someday! But even if you don’t, if someone asks you if you ever have, you can say, “I know how to make those!”
      They probably won’t catch on. 😉

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

        You’ve inspired me 🙂 I love your recipes, you know that 🙂 I might make them as a dessert with banana and nutella, fry it up and serve it with vanilla ice cream 🙂 What is wrong with me? lol I have been on such a sweet kick lately..sweets are all I think about 🙂

  3. tammysrecipes says:

    Those look so yummy-licious, bubbly and all on the outside! Beef + cabbage is a great combo. What is that sauce??

    • It’s La Choy Sweet and Sour Sauce – or is it duck sauce? – Get those two mixed up; the only difference is the coloring though, so it really doesn’t matter. 🙂
      They are pretty fantastic!

  4. CokaRabbit says:

    Yum!!! I’m starving now!!! egg roll is always my favorite! but I’ve never tried beef egg roll before! I should try to make some for sure!

  5. csamom says:

    I have a savoy cabbage in the fridge and now I finally know what I want to do with it. Thanks for the great idea and detailed instructions!

  6. YUM! I love anything in an egg roll wrapper and your recipe looks fantastic!

  7. wow these spring rolls look really great; you make it look so easy! i hope i can find the dough for the wrappers in the local asian stores because i really want to give this a go.

  8. Jaclynn says:

    Ah, now I am craving Chinese food! These look so good. One of my brothers loved making egg rolls, always a special treat! 🙂

    • They are fun! It’s one Chinese food that I actually like my version better than the restaurants. Most Chinese food I’m like, “Aw, why doesn’t it taste like the buffet?” 🙂

  9. andreahood says:

    Looks yummy and simple to make! I have a ton of Napa Cabbage from my CSA this week, so I’ll be trying this soon!

  10. Deirdre says:

    These look great! Going to try them this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Donna Wyers says:

    Got to try these !! I love egg rolls !! Always wanted to know how to make them. Thanks

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