My First Giveaway!

The loot!

I am hosting my first giveaway.  I have been wanting to do a giveaway, but I wanted to make sure it was something either useful or delicious, and this giveaway is both.

The Traditional Roast Gevalia coffee (12 ounces), I believe, speaks for itself to any coffee-lover or relative of a coffee-lover.

The flexible chopping mats are something I use on a daily basis.  They are not high-dollar, but are very durable and work really well.

Details about this giveaway and the form to enter are found on the Facebook page.

There are three mandatory things for entering this giveaway –

1. Leave a Comment

2. Follow on Facebook

3. Follow

This giveaway will end at midnight on August 23, so get entering! 🙂


Giveaway closed; congratulations to the winner!


About recipeshappen

I'm Bonnie. I'm a pharmacy technician and new wife to Bogdan. I love cooking, usually without recipes. I love good sales and coupons, but haven't quite figured out the best way to find them. I make the typical new-wife mistakes and have burned my share of cookies. I like a cold house and a hot shower all year long.
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39 Responses to My First Giveaway!

  1. TJ says:

    Very cool idea. I know I only found your blog after you visited mine, but I am already addicted to your recipes. BTW, my bead is rising now to make the garlic bread you referenced from your sisters site. Going to have it with Chicken Gumbo over White Rice for dinner.

    • Nice!
      I hope it turns out!
      I want to make those little muffin pan pizza things, but the only canned biscuits I have right now are honey butter or something like that… doesn’t seem like good for pizza. haha! 🙂

  2. Jenni says:

    Oooo, you can never have too many cutting mats! =-)

  3. Susan says:

    LOVE Gevalia! Those mats are awesome. I like the flexibility of them.

  4. Followed in both places! 🙂 We use cutting mats like that at our house–works great!

  5. Jaclynn says:

    Nice! 🙂 I’m excited about the giveaway! 🙂

  6. Roni says:

    Would love to win!!! Great recipes here.

  7. jobeaudoin says:

    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I love it! Your recipes and pictures are VERY inspiring! (And the giveaway goodies would be awesome! :))

  8. Rhetta says:

    Found your wonderful blog via Tammy. Love Gevalia…and cutting mats! Thanks for hosting your first giveaway.

  9. Amanda R. says:

    Pick meeeee! I think I do all of the above. AND I’ve visited you. That should count for like, 500 extra entries. 😉

  10. Heather says:

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  11. Sounds great! I have to be at work at 8am every day, so coffee is my bff! 🙂 And the mats sound really easy to wash– I have a wooden cutting board which is actually quite a pain to wash…especially when trying to wash raw chicken off of it!

    • I am a big fan of using plastic boards/mats for cutting raw meat! I always fear that raw meat is soaking down into my wooden cutting boards and festering. 😛
      Thanks for entering.

  12. Beth says:

    I love those type of chopping mats. I have a few that we got as a wedding gift that is similar 🙂

  13. Catherine says:

    Yay! Giveaway! 🙂 I might be able to have some Simply Said for a giveaway, if you’re interested in that. 🙂

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  15. Sarah Blake says:

    I found your blog on a google search :D! Love it too! Thanks!

  16. Very fun! Who doesn’t love a giveaway!

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  18. thepricklypinecone says:

    I have always wondered where you find the cutting mats, would you mind sharing where you get yours? Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

    • thepricklypinecone says:

      I hot enter before I was done! I actually found your site recently while looking for a mushroom recipe.

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  20. blessed-with-3 says:

    I’ve done all 3 of your requirements for this giveaway. I’m so excited to have found you through your sister Tammy’s blog/facebook page. Thanks for offering such useful giveaway items!
    I was a Certified Pharm. Teach for 11 years, too!

  21. lifeonprint says:

    My friend Janice Wei told me about your blog! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. Janice Wei told me about your blog as well. Im learning to cook for large numbers at my church and im looking for new recipes all the time. 🙂

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  24. Janice Wei told me about your blog! Happy to connect!

  25. Anna Maloy says:

    I found you via Money Saving Mom.

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  27. afaber says:

    I have entered because I am your sister, so what dumb luck if I were to win.

  28. Jennay says:

    I ❤ giveaways!! =)

  29. Elizabeth D says:

    I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog Bonnie, I came here from the Spice it Up group. 🙂

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