Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza has become one of our staple recipes.

I think homemade pizza has gotten a bad rap as being really hard or time consuming!  It’s definitely not.  I don’t really even plan ahead to make it, so you know it can’t be too hard or take too long!

I improvised my recipe into what it has become.


Bonnie’s Homemade Pizza Crust


2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup wheat flour

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon sugar

1 package (2 and 1/4 teaspoons) active dry yeast

1 cup hot water (approx. 120 degrees Fahrenheit – I use mine as hot as it gets from the faucet!)

1 tablespoon olive oil



1. Combine hot water, sugar, and yeast in mixing bowl.  Let set about 5 minutes.

2. Add 1 cup white and 1 cup wheat flour, olive oil, and salt.  Mix.

3. Add the last cup of white flour as needed while kneading the dough.

4. When dough is firm and elastic, let rise in a warm place until double.  Punch down and divide into two sections.

5. Place each section on a greased 12-inch pizza pan.* (This is the only pan size I have, and I have two, so that’s what I use.) Spread dough across entire pan/s with fingers.


Set oven for 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  I pre-bake the crusts for 6 minutes, then after putting on whatever delicious toppings we have around, I bake each pizza for around 12 minutes. (Check sooner, but may take longer!)

*You can also put some cornmeal on the bottom/top of the crust when you spread it onto the pizza pan.


About recipeshappen

I'm Bonnie. I'm a pharmacy technician and new wife to Bogdan. I love cooking, usually without recipes. I love good sales and coupons, but haven't quite figured out the best way to find them. I make the typical new-wife mistakes and have burned my share of cookies. I like a cold house and a hot shower all year long.
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14 Responses to Homemade Pizza

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  3. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    This recipe has come in so very handy. i remembered seeing this on your blog and tonight I wanted to make homemade pizza dough and I will be using your recipe. I don’t have whole wheat flour so I will just use all white. I’ll post it later. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

    • Awesome!! 🙂
      You’re welcome.

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

        Wish me luck, How long did yours take before it doubled? I’m paranoid i won’t rise. lol

      • It only takes me about 45 minutes to rise, but here’s my little trick!

        I heat my oven up just SLIGHTLY – just over 100 degrees, if you have a “precise” oven… but I have to just guess with mine.

        Heat up some water in the teapot, and pour it into a mug or small dish (like a bread pan).

        Place both the water and the bowl of bread dough on the oven rack. (The oven will be OFF at this point, just warm.) Close the oven door and wait! 🙂 The hot water keeps the bread moist without needing a cover and the heat is just what the bread needs.

        Good luck!

  4. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    Thanks VERY MUCH, Bonnie. I will try this right now 🙂

  5. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    Bonnie, You Saved the day! I thought it was never going to rise my way. Putting it in the oven made a HUGE difference. I will always use this method when I am short on time. I will post pictures tomorrow, I am way too tired tonight. Thanks very much, once again 🙂
    Eva 🙂

  6. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    Reblogged this on Healthy Glow Nutrition and commented:
    Here is Bonnie’s Pizza Dough Recipe

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